008E | Webinar Overtone Singing (Level 1) 3 Evenings

Webinar overtone singing level 1 (beginners)

The webinar extends over three evenings. Learn in a small group with 6 students maximum.
Teaching Languages: English/German

Webinar times / scope:
Monday June 8.2020 19.30 - 21.10
Monday June15. 2020 19.30 - 21.10
Monday June 22. 2020 19.30 - 21.10

From 4 participants on, each participant gets an additional 1x 15 min. private lesson online.

"When we sing overtones, we enter a world of beauty and harmony."

Overtone singing - this is the art of singing two notes at the same time ...  :-)
The basic technique is very easy to learn, because in reality, of course, you only sing one tone.  The illusion of the second tone is created by resonance adjustments of the throat, mouth and tongue - the principle is very similar to normal speech.
The sounding intervals are always harmonious because they follow the natural integer harmonies, similar to the "Sacred Geometry".  The resulting tones are of ethereal character, perfect harmony and supernatural beauty.

In this three evenings we dive deep into the world of overtones. In this 3 evenings, you can learn how to produce clear and loud overtones.
At the same time, the perception of your voice, of other people's singing and speaking voices, and the sound perception in general becomes more refined and lasting. You will discover completely new qualities of your voice!

My motto for this course: Learning is best with fun and ease, brain research has proven that!  :-)

To the content of my overtone courses:

- What are overtones?

- Expand our perception of sound and overtones

- The overtone series

- Listen to your own harmonics

- The vocal transitions sing: "U-Ü-I" and "A-O" etc.

- Optimize the voice mode

- Exploring resonant spaces

- Amplification of overtones: "NG" technique and "L/R" technique

Especially important for me are fun, easiness and lightness.  These are the best conditions for effective learning - as brain research has found out.  :-)

Besides the technical exercises, we will sing and tone together again and again, trying out and applying the learned techniques in a playful and relaxed way.

Important for choir singers / conductors:

Awareness of overtones helps to make the choir sound more homogeneous and fuller, and above all to improve intonation and stability.  You don't need to be a real overtone singer for this, it is enough to develop a more conscious hearing and perception of the overtones, and thus you almost automatically gain better control over the nuances of vocal colours.  By choosing the appropriate vowel colours you can make the intonation between the voices much easier.  You get a purer, cleaner choral sound without having to exert yourself.

Examples of my overtone singing:


1) Amazing Grace (Audio):

2) Abendstille überall (Video):

Timber A. Hemprich Obertongesang Video Still

Kurz-Info zur Veranstaltung

Veranstaltungsbeginn 08.06.2020 19:30
Veranstaltungsende 22.06.2020 21:10
Preis € 80,00
Veranstaltungsort Zuhause (Internet)
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