056 | Free Webinar: The secret world of the overtones

Overtones always and everywhere sound where there are tones and noises.  But we are not used to perceive them consciously.  It is like a parallel, hidden world.  On this evening I would like to invite you to dive into the mysterious and fascinating world of overtones and overtone singing.  First I will tell and demonstrate a little about the phenomenon of overtones, followed by the practical part where each participant gets in contact with the overtones of his own voice.  Simple exercises, which anyone can do, lead us with fun and ease to the perception of our own overtones, which are always there anyway.  And maybe one or the other of you will succeed in controlling your own overtones already that evening ...!

You don't have to be able to sing to take part - it's enough if you can speak!  :-)

Because the principle of overtone singing is very similar to that of speech.

In the last months I have done some very intensive research on overtones.  This concerns not only the human overtones, but all musically usable tones of natural and electronic musical instruments.  During the winter months I developed a research synthesizer on my own computer and spent many hours and days with my experiments.  That was very enlightening.  My question was, what is the essence of a specific interval, or in other words, how does a relationship develop between two tones?  And what role do the overtones play in this?  The result is: the overtones play a very decisive role!  This brings me to the next question I am currently working on: Can these findings be applied to human encounters/interactions?  What is the essence of a relationship between two people (I don't necessarily mean a love relationship, this can also be a work or business relationship, or a partnership of some kind), and what is the correspondence to overtones?  Can the relationship between two people be compared to a musical interval?  For example, octave, fifth, second?  I already have some ideas about this ...  :-)

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Veranstaltungsbeginn 02.06.2020 19:30
Veranstaltungsende 02.06.2020 20:15
Preis Frei
Veranstaltungsort At home (Online meeting)
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